How to minister with anointing

em terça-feira, 29 de agosto de 2017

He must increase, but I must decrease.”

John 3.30

We are bringing some strategies so that the women of the altar have a productive ministry and a lot of anointing of God.

Today I want to talk about who will stand out more on the altar, that's right, this is a very important question for the woman who wants to be greatly used by God in this generation.

The first step so that the glory of God is with you and so that your ministry does not become a word without any power is that you pay close attention to how you will go up on the altar to minister.

When a woman goes to minister she needs to be careful to all who want to draw more attention than the glory of God, including mainly her appearance up there.

You need to understand that when you go up to the altar you will be in a prominent position, all the people in the room will look at you, and that is the point of the matter, because when they look at you they need to see Jesus, you must be there just representing The Lord, that’s if is what you really desire; the glory of God to come upon you.

      All care is little in regard to your appearance on the altar, that’s because the Holy Spirit is sensitive and a small detail can ward off the glory and anointing of the Lord.

I do not want only to teach about how you should not go up to the altar in sexy, transparent or cracked clothes and necklines that show your body even though I believe this is such a basic rule for God's woman not only on the altar as everywhere outside his intimacy.

         In fact there are more subtle things that have prevented women from being used greatly, what is more dangerous are the things that Paul says, those that are lawful to me, but that does not suit me.

Women who go up the altar as if they had just come out of a beauty salon, and some of them have actually come out of a salon straight to the altar and minister as if they were godmothers of a wedding.

However you can argue that is not what matters, makeup is not sin, yes I agree fully, but I want to bring here an illustration to better demonstrate what I want to minister to your heart altar woman.

You have a high risk surgery to make, when you get to the hospital you get ready for surgery, a little nervous you wear the patient coat and when you get into the operating room there is your doctor with a scalpel in hand but detail, She is wearing a beautiful party dress, makeup, elaborate hairstyle, and huge rings on the finger.

You see, even if you're a stylish woman with good taste, you're going to feel at least a bit insecure about being operated on by a woman like that, aren’t you?

       See that every situation calls for a way to dress, it's amazing how many women know the appropriate clothes to go to for a job interview, go to an afternoon tea or even the right clothes to be in a wedding, yet when talking about the work of the Lord we are forgetting that the altar of the church is not a stage, a theater platform much less a fashion catwalk.

Women of the altar need to learn that lives do not go to church to see beautiful things and to appreciate the beauty and sophisticated way of people; they go to church because they really need a miracle, or an urgent action from God, needing a cure, crying out for supernatural help.

For this is what the Lord says:

Women who come near me must respect 
my holiness and should honor me.
Leviticus 10.3

Here is a tip woman of the altar: the day you minister try to be simple as you go up the altar of the Lord, respect the pain of people who are there for spiritual things, avoid exaggerated makeup, ostentation of extravagant clothes and shoes, large rings, striking nails, earrings that draw too much attention and let the glory of the Lord shine in your life and in your ministry.


      There were days when I went to minister in churches that were in celebration, I knew that there women would be with the right look, as a woman I also wanted to be produced, but the Lord always told me: do not forget that today you will go up on my altar, dress up appropriate to minister, whenever I obeyed the soft and sweet voice of the Holy Spirit he never left me alone at the altar.

When I talk about simplicity I am not telling you that you should go poorly dressed, wanting to pass a false appearance of humility, I am telling you to put on sober clothes, a basic makeup, accessories that will be only details and your hair needs to be discreet.

It is true that balance is important because any kind of excess comes from Satan and does not produce the works of the Holy Spirit.