The Four Purposes of the Feminine Min in the Sentimental Life of Women

em quarta-feira, 5 de abril de 2017

       Woman of God we are holding this year the 7th Campaign of the Alliance, the largest Meeting of Women in the Sentimental Life of Brazil!

The Alliance Campaign is for the woman who believes in the Lord's promise that says:

The Lord makes the lonely woman have a family. 
Psalm 68.6

In addition to believing the woman also hopes, because these words affirm that the Lord is who does things, it is not you beauty, your cunning, your money or even your efforts.

In this promise the Lord takes on the responsibility of making things happen, of bringing the right person or even of transforming something or someone so that his family is established.

It is important to remember that it was God himself who says that he is not a man to lie and not the son of man to repent of what he promises, but his promises are tied to a life of obedience, holiness and faith before the Lord.

Last year there were about 1,800 women gathered for the purpose of presenting their pains, frustrations and struggles in the sentimental life before the Lord.

      Another important action of this work, besides motivating women through their faith to hope to live a great love in God, is to undo works of witchcraft, sympathy, deceit that trap people in the sentimental life, some can never be happy, others see suddenly your partner change in a strange way and leave the family in these occult cases the result is incredible because the evil’s work is broken before the altar of the Lord thus providing restoration of marriages and single women who begin to see their sentimental life flow.

        The third focus of the Alliance Campaign is to address the character of the woman in relation to her relationships.

Leading her to the understanding that a wrong posture in life and in the loved one can prevent or even kill a great love.

Attitudes such as jealousy, exaggerated dependence, persecution, criticism, lies, lack of patience, and lack of care with the intimate relationship can lead women to have a loneness life.

    The fourth and final step of this important work for women throughout Brazil is the ability to change the character of a man through the power of prayer. The Lord Jesus says:

I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. Ezekiel 36.26

These words are strong and true and thousands of women have lived the experience of seeing the man they love turn out in an extraordinary way.

Men who were in the past: adulterers, addicts, some prostitutes, others dishonest, even those who were aggressive with the family pass through the faith of a woman who loves to become men of integrity.